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Renewal Clearing & Healing - Reconnect ~ Rejuvenate ~ Reenergize ~ Renew
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All is available to you! Clearing & healing the path to your wellness in body, mind and spirit. 

My life path has been seeking answers from source bringing forth more clarity and manifesting a better way of life. I have overcome many obstacles through this pursuit and would love to help you with yours. Connecting with the highest level of love and light from source, all things are possible.

~ Christine Fodor, Sheenadwah

Renewal Clearing & Healing offers energy healing (hands on and long distance), clearings for mental/emotional and physical issues, belief and feeling work, mentorship programs and presentations, readings, coaching, guided meditation, empowerment groups, online radio show, and speaking engagements. Local and long distance services available for private sessions and groups. 
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Note: All services provided by Renewal Clearing & Healing are time based services offered at the same rate regardless of the service chosen.
Disclaimer: Services included on this website and provided by Christine Fodor are alternative and complimentary in nature and not a substitute for medical or psychological care from a licensed healthcare professional.
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