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Psychic Angel Card Readings
Angel card readings and psychic messages are available to help answer your questions and provide divine guidance to help you with your path in life. It's like saying a prayer and getting an answer! Card readings use multiple card decks by Doreen Virtue, often referred to as Angel Cards. You will be assisted through the use of intention and prayer to select the cards that have the most important message for you at that time. Christine uses her intuition, psychic awareness and clairvoyance to give you messages and help guide you. With or without cards, Christine is available for readings and messages to help answer your questions and give you insight for life direction and choices as received connection to the highest level of love and light of Source Creator of All That Is. Remember, it is your free will choice on how you decide to use that information to determine your future. These are not solid predictions, just receiving information and awareness in a different way.
All services provided by Renewal Clearing & Healing including readings are time based services. A typical reading can usually be completed within a 30 min service. Additional time can be added to ask more questions or choose to receive clearing & healing of an issue that came up during the reading. Go to Services & Pricing for timed services and pricing.
To set up an appointment, call 248-444-7408 or email
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