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Holy Fire III Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes healing. It's usually performed in person with hands-on touch. A warm and soothing energy flows from the hands into the client which promotes relaxation and releases tension. There is also a method for sending Reiki long distance.

The Holy Fire Reiki is a new energy that came in January 2014 to William Rand who has dedicated his life to Reiki teaching around the world for 29 years. He is also the author of many Reiki books and manuals, Reiki News Magazine  and the founder of ICRT - International Center for Reiki Training. Holy Fire has since been upgraded twice. Holy Fire II in September 2015 and now Holy Fire III in September 2018 when the energy appeared at the time when William was teaching on Mount Kurama in Japan where Usui Sensei first received the gift of Reiki. If you are a Holy Fire I or Holy Fire II practitioner, I highly recommend upgrading to the Holy Fire III as the energy is much more powerful and of a much higher consciousness.

Traditionally Reiki was passed from master to student through Attunements. With the higher vibrational energy and higher consciousness of Holy Fire III, the process of receiving the Reiki energy as a student from a Reiki Master has changed to a much easier and more personalized process for both the student and teacher, now through Placements and Ignitions which replace Attunements.

My experience with the Holy Fire III Reiki is that it's a cleaner and more gentle energy and at the same time so much more powerful. I would love to hear about your experiences.

Renewal Clearing & Healing offers Holy Fire III personal sessions and certification classes in person in Westland, MI and travel is available for groups. Long distance Reiki sessions are still available online. Classes must be done in person to be recognized by the ICRT - International Center For Reiki Training.

Holy Fire III Reiki Personal Sessions
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Holy Fire III Reiki Certification Classes:
Holy Fire III Usui Reiki I&II
Holy FIre III Usui Reiki ART/Master
Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Master

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