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Access Consciousness Body Processes

Access Consciousness Body Processes consist of over 50+ different hands-on body energies which offer the possibility for the body to change and transform. Renewal Clearing & Healing provides in person sessions and individual Body Process certification classes in Westland, MI. For larger groups, travel to your location is available.

A body process is usually at least 60 minutes per process for a hands-on session though sometimes there is a combination of processes. The Individual Body Process Class that is offered by Renewal Clearing & Healing is usually two body processes with a minimum of 6 hours class time where you will give and receive the body process then receive your certification at the end of the day. Occasionally a single Body Process will be taught in a 3 hour class.

Access Energetic Facelift is an Access Consciousness Body Process though it has it's own certification class with a separate manual and chart. Please go to: Access Energetic Facelift

For more information about Access Consciousness and Body Processes go to: Access Consciousness Body Process

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